Unibanco Arteplex – Sat 22/10, 19h40 || IMS  – Sat 5/11, 15h30

Dir. Marcelo Toledo, Paolo Gregori
75 min . HD . 2011 . SP

Cynthia loves dancing. She works at night in a strip club at Aurora Street. During afternoons, she is a manicure in a small beauty parlor. Her dream is to move to Japan, to study Butoh dance. Alberto is an undertaker, who tries to escape from reality using tranquilizers, stimulants and sex.  Beatriz is a factory worker, and loves tattoos. She never accomplishes her wishes. At night, their life turn to chaos when a storm falls upon the city

Prod. Company :  Cinegrama Filmes
Executive Producer : Jorge Guedes
Producer : Jorge Guedes
Script :  Daniel Chaia, Rossana Foglia, Marcelo Toledo, Paolo Gregori
Cinematography : Aloysio Raulino
Sound : Rene Brasil, Thiago Bittencourt
Art Direction : Renato Bolelli
Costume Designer : Maira Mesquita
Editor : Marcelo Toledo
Sound Editor : Martin Grignaschi
Music : Andre Abujamra, Rafael Cavalcanti
With : Raissa Gregori, Simone Iliescu, Marat Descartes
Contact : Marcelo Toledo –