Unibanco Arteplex – Sat 22/10, 18h00

Dir. Pedro Urano e Joana Traub Csekö
78 min . HD . 2011 . RJ

A symmetrically divided building: on one side, an important public hospital, on the other, a bewildering ruin. On the horizon, Rio de Janeiro, public health, education and Brazil’s aged modern project. Shot entirely in the monumental and only partially occupied modernist edifice of the University Hospital of UFRJ. A material metaphor of the Brazilian public sphere and its political maze.

Prod. Company :  Alice Filmes
Executive Producer : Samantha Capideville
Script :  Pedro Urano, Joana Traub Cseko
Cinematography : Pedro Urano
Sound : Edson Secco
Editor : Marina Fraga
Sound Editor : Edson Secco
Music : LC Csekö
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