Unibanco Arteplex – Wed 26/10, 21h50

Dir. Claudia Nunes
22min . HD . 2010 . GO

The UN estimates the population of street children worldwide at 150 million. In Latin America, they are 40 million. In Brazil, street kids felt so enchanted by a camera that they took it as their own to express themselves.This experience took place in 1990.  This film is the first attempt to find them so as to discover what happened in their lives.

Prod. Company :  Rio Bravo Filmes
Executive Producer : Cristiane Miotto
Script :  children from CFM St. – Goiás
Cinematography : children from CFM St. – Goiás
Editor : Claudia Nunes, Erico Rassi
Contact : Claudia Nunes – claudia.nunes@yahoo.com.br

Festivals : Ismailia International Film Festival (Egito), 8º Festcine Amazônia, 10º Goiânia Mostra Curtas 2010