In 2012 the DIRECTOR’S WEEK continues to build its international network of partner festivals, started in 2010. Its goal is to expand the films’ exhibition scope and, at the same time, to promote in Brazil some of the international cinema events we best relate to. This year we have added two screening venues and a distribution company to our ranks, along with other festivals that already supported us. Hence, festivals and screening venues from three different continents are our partners in this edition, and the films chosen to be part of their programs will be announced by the festival’s closing night.

Cine Tonalá (México)
“Cine Tonalá is a new digital movie theatre in Mexico City, focused on showcasing the new Mexican and international independent cinema.”
_In its first year partnering with the Director’s Week, Cine Tonalá will chose a feature film to be screened through an entire month during the second semester of 2013.

Distrital, cine y otros mundos (México)
“Distrital, cine y otros mundos” is a festival created for the audiences of Mexico City with the intent of providing an aesthetical experience that goes beyond the screen, projecting a common ground between cinema and the other realms in visual arts. Distrital is seen as one of the most anticipated and assertive spaces for cinema by the audiences of City of Mexico.”
_In its second year partnering with the Director’s Week, Distrital will screen in its next edition one feature film chosen by its curatorial team.

Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay
“The Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay was created by the Uruguayan cinemateque in 1981. From that modest festival which screened 14 films in only one room to its current edition featuring over 250 films in seven venues besides itinerant spaces, 31 years of discoveries, tributes, retrospectives and parallel showcases have gone by. During this journey, the festival has become a privileged space for high quality Latin American and world cinema.”
_In this second year as a partner, the festival will exhibit the feature indicated as Best Film in the IV Semana dos Realizadores.

Festival de Cinema Luso-Brasileiro de Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal)
“The Festival de Cinema Luso-Brasileiro de Santa Maria da Feira is a space dedicated to the positive confrontation between two distinct national cinemas that share the same language. The Festival is known for staying true to new values that have paradoxically become a tradition. The partnership with the Director’s Week essentially targets a connection with the newest Brazilian cinema.”
_In its third year of partnership, the Festival chose the film Boa Sorte, Meu Amor (Good Luck, Sweetheart) to represent the Director’s Week in this year’s edition.

Rialto | World Cinema Amsterdam (Netherlands)
“Rialto is an arthouse cinema in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, that has a strong focus on World Cinema, the best quality independent filmmaking from Latin America, Asia and Africa. In August every year we organize an international film festival, World Cinema Amsterdam. We do this with many partners and friends everywhere in the world, among these the Director’s Week and its artistic director Lis Kogan. In 2012 the special focus country was Brasil. With 13 feature films, 8 shorts and 5 music documentaries we have shown the best of contemporary Brazilian Cinema to the Dutch audiences. Rialto and World Cinema Amsterdam would like to continue this strong cooperation by presenting one of the 2012 Director’s Week competing feature films during our 2013 season in the city of Amsterdam.”
_In our first year as partners, Rialto’s curator will chose one of the features in competition to be a part of their programming, either in the next edition of World Cinema Amsterdam, or as a special screening for Amsterdam audience.

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival – PÖFF (Estonia)
“Founded in 1997, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival is a unique event combining a feature film festival with the sub-festivals of animated films, student films and children/youth films as well as Industry Days and co-production market. The festival aims to present Estonian audiences a comprehensive selection of world cinema in all its diversity with the emphasis on European films, providing a friendly atmosphere for interaction between the audience, Estonian filmmakers and their colleagues from abroad.”
_Being a partner since 2010, PÖFF exhibited Boa Sorte Meu Amor (Good Luck, Sweetheart) in 2012, chosen along with the Director’s Week curatorship.