Thursday  29/11 19h

Dir. Ricardo Nicolayevsky  |  72min . digital . 1982-1985 . EUA/México



Ricardo Nicolayevsky, multi-disciplinary artist, was born in México Ciry in 1961. He moves to New York in the early 1980’s to study film and there he begins his “Lost Portraits” series. Nicolayevsky’s portraits, shot between 1982-85 in New York and his native city, range from staging to spontaneity, from a simple home video to experimental film.

Maybe only the passing of time has given this material its complete meaning: more than the record of an era, the record of the possibilities of a vital cultural scene that remain unfulfilled. These are, in fact, “lost portraits’. Something about these images takes us back to the origins of film, to a certain naiveté and the expectations from a time when everything was still to be done. The expectations of a student who begins to explore a camera’s possibilities and for whom all films and the history of cinema were projected for the first time. Workers leaving a factory or, in his case, friends returning from a party. What happened to the characters portrayed? Where and when did they get lost? There’s something about these Super-8 and 16mm recordings that allude to those in which childhoods turned lost lives were registered. Two, three, four minutes of light and then, nothing. Still, Nocolayevsky’s portraits make us believe that everything (life, film, love) is possible.