III Semana – apresentação

Good winds of change set the tone for the III SEMANA DOS REALIZADORES.

The first good news is that to comprise this year’s programs the curators watched 60 feature films. At the end of the selection process, we were sure that this increase in the number of submissions wasn’t simply a matter of quantity, and this reassures our impression that a very interesting process has been in motion in the contemporary cinema scene in Brazil.

Therefore, this third edition of the festival will present a slice of the latest brazilian cinema comprising 20 feature films, one medium-length work and 18 shorts, some of them having their national premiere at the festival. In this selection, debut movies coexist with works by more – and sometimes far more – experienced directors. Their visions are as diverse as they are powerful, sharing the same desire of connecting with the world in an asserting and unique way.

All these preoccupations and the varied ways of dealing with them will be up for debate: each of the sessions taking place at Unibanco Arteplex will be followed by a conversation with the directors of the movies screened, and at the Roundtables Cycle that will take place at the Culture and Science Forum at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) we will be able to go deeper into some of the ideas that circulate this group of movies. And for the first time some of the titles may as well be seen (or seen again) in sessions at Instituto Moreira Salles.

Expanding the network of international festivals that are partners of SEMANA DOSREALIZADORES, the Festival Internacional de Cinema do Uruguay and Distrital, cine y otros mundos (Mexico) are joining the festivals of Cape Winelands (South Africa), the Festival de Cinema Luso-Brasileiro de Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal) and the Tallinn Black Nights (Estonia). All these 5 events will include movies of the III SEMANA in their programs.

And, of all the essential partners that make this festival possible, we have to highlight the state’s Department of Culture and the city of Rio de Janeiro, through Riofilme, as the official sponsors of the III SEMANA DOS REALIZADORES that provided us the possibility of exploring new paths. We would also like to thank all of our partners, especially Unibanco Arteplex, our home since day one. And amongst the new partnerships, we also underscore the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations, the Consulate General of the Netherlands and the Instituto Cultural Brasil-Argentina, that have made it possible for our international guests to be with us.

On a final note, in a year full of big changes that have also fortified our principles, SEMANA DOS REALIZADORES would like to pay homage to Leon Cakoff, whose tireless work in the 35 years of Mostra de Cinema de São Paulo has opened doors and illuminated paths that, in general, have been followed by the events in brazilian cinema that are moved by the belief in
the importance of filmmakers that are both original and inventive.

His journey has been and will always be an important source of inspiration for us.

Lis Kogan
Coordinator and curator of III Semana dos Realizadores